Camp Videos

History of Flying Moose Lodge

Nicatous (canoe trip)

In 2003, John Martin took some of the older campers on a 4-day canoe trip from Nicatous Lake to the Penobscot River. This is a 10-minute montage of that trip.

Blackwoods (hiking trip)

In 2002, John Martin got to go out on a hiking trip with some of the younger campers. We set up a "basecamp" of sorts for sleeping, breakfast, and dinners, at the Blackwoods campground in Acadia National Park, and proceeded to climb almost every mountain in the Eastern section of the Park. This is a 10-minute montage of that trip.

Going Back

In 2003, in an attempt to capture some of the culture of Flying Moose Lodge, John Martin gathered up some footage from the previous summer, and mixed it up with some footage from Harrie III's 16mm promotional film footage. The summer of 2002-2004 we had a talented musician as a camper who graciously agreed to let me use his music. Apart from being somewhat quiet in some places, John think this...

Leave the City

In the mid-1980s, Harrie III retired, and Harrie IV took over the day to day operation of the camp. He made a 15-minute narrated video that explained the philosphy and overall feel of "What we do here at Flying Moose Lodge." In this video, John Martin took what he felt was the best of that footage, slapped it together, and dubbed a Bob Mould instrumental over it.