Enrollment deposits can be received through check by mail.
  • $500.00 deposit (U.S. Funds only)
  • $25 fee for returned check 
  • Deposit returned for withdrawal before June 1, 2018 if reserved space is filled. 
After deposit has been received, you will receive:
  • packing list of required items and suggestions
  • packet with information for parents and campers 
  • Health Form to be completed before camp starts. 

In May you will receive more information concerning the first day of camp and a statement for the remaining fee.



15 Waldron Road
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
207-288-3088 | fax: 207-288-0239

Camper information
Please use this format (555) 555-5555
Parent information
Separate address
Please use this format (555) 555-5555
Summer address
Please use this format (555) 555-5555
Session information

Clicking submit will send a pre-filled PDF to the email address of the Primary Parent with instructions for completing your registration with Flying Moose Lodge.