Frequently Asked Questions

Where is East Orland, Maine?

East Orland is about half way up the coast of Maine, just east of Bucksport and the Penobscot River. FML is about 25 miles south of Bangor and 35 miles west of Bar Harbor.

What age is a good age to start our son at camp?

We accept campers who are nine. Not all nine year olds are ready for camp, especially sleep away camp. You know your son and if he has been away for over nights with out a problem and he has had a taste of camping out he's probably ready.

Just as important is not to wait too long before sending him to camp. We feel if he waits too until he's 13 or 14 he's missed the best age to start such an adventure. Flying Moose offers two week sessions for those boys who are not quite sure.

If you are waiting until your son is 15 or 16 to send him to camp, he will have a more difficult time acclimating to the program as most of the other campers his age will have had a year or two exposure and experience.

When is the best time to enroll him at FML?

Any time is good. We usually start to recruit campers just after the New Year, however we are always open.

Which session should he attend? What are the advantages of each?

There are advantages to all the sessions.

The two weeks sessions are designed for the brand new camper; the boy who has never camped and wants to try camping, Flying Moose and who is perhaps is younger. He will go on two trips.

The three week sessions are for the boy and family who want a camping experience but have other summer obligations. He will experience three different trips.

The 4 week session is similar to the 3 but your son will be on 4 trips.

The full summer - 6 weeks session- is an excellent way for a boy to experience a great variety of trips and learn many camping and self-reliance skills. He will participate on 5 progressively more challenging trips throughout the summer.

We realize families have other summer plans and other children and that camp is an expensive event; however we recommend the full summer for the most complete camping experience.

If we sign our son up for one of the shorter sessions, can he stay for more weeks if he wants to?


In most cases, yes. It would depend on the camper count for the next week or session, but there is usually room and always room for the week following a two week stay

What should he bring to camp?

Once he is enrolled at FML we will send you a packing list and information packet.

It suggests what we think a camper should bring (and not bring) to camp. It also explains in some detail why and where to get these items.

How do the campers get to Flying Moose?

These days most campers are driven by their parents or by their fellow camper's parents. Some campers fly into Bangor International Airport and others take the Greyhound or Trailways Bus to Bangor. We will be there to pick them up. What time should we arrive? Please arrive in the late morning or early afternoon. This will allow him time to get settled in, figure out where everything is (bathrooms etc.), find his flashlight, and meet his shelter mates and counselors before night fall. We serve lunch at 12:30 if you wish to stay and eat with us.

Where does Flying Moose get their counselors and what training do they have?

Most of our staff have been our campers in the past. They have grown up and want to come back for more. Some counselors have found us on the internet or heard about us from friends who are also on staff or from old campers. We do advertise in magazines like BACKPACKER. Many of our counselors and staff return for many summers.

All the counselors and staff are State of Maine Certified Trip Leaders. All are Wilderness First Aid Certified, which includes CPR. All are Community Water Safety Certified. We also teach for many hours how to be successful counselors and what to expect while on trips and in camp.

What happens in case of a medical emergency?

If a medical emergency occurs while in base camp, we assess the problem and if we cannot treat it (Band-Aid, splinter etc.) we will take the camper to our local Emergency Room at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth. On trips, the trip leader will assess the need and treat a minor problem on the trail or if it seems like it requires medical attention, he will perform first aid, call us and arrange to get to the nearest hospital. We will call you to keep you informed.

What happens if our son gets homesick?

Homesickness is a horrible infliction. We are always on the lookout for the camper who displays the homesick symptoms. Once identified, we will take extra steps to keep this camper busy and happy. We will call you and let you know the situation. As we don't have a land line phone and the cells don't work well on campus, we will drive to the nearest phone and call you with your son. We suggest you ask him to stay until he has completed his first camping trip. We find during the first trip the new camper will bond with the other campers and forget the homesick issue. We will of course keep you up to date with the problem.

My son takes medications. How is that dealt with at camp?

We have a registered nurse on staff and all medications will be given to him on arrival and dispensed as prescribed by the camper's doctor. We keep the medications locked up at all times. On trips the trip leader will dispense as ordered. Those campers who use inhalers (as needed) or have allergies requiring an Epi-pen must have permission to carry these with them from their parents and doctor (form available upon enrollment).

While on the camping trips, if there is a need to contact the base camp how is that done?

The counselors/trip leaders will carry cell-phones with them. They can call our answering service and they will beep us immediately. We have no land line phone (or electricity) at camp and as we are in a valley surrounded by mountains, we do not always get reception, so a direct call to our cell phone is not very reliable.

What is the camper/staff ratio?

We can enroll 50 boys. We usually have about 14 regular counselors/trip leaders and 4 assistant directors and of course the two directors. The ratio varies on any given day but it is about 2.5:1.

Can you send us list of some recent (or not so recent) campers from our area?

We'd be very happy to do that.

What about spending money for our son?

We ask that he does not bring large amounts of cash to camp. It has a way of disappearing. If he does, we ask that he puts it in our safe and withdraws when he needs some. We will give out allowances once a week ($4-$5 is sufficient) for him to have to spend on trips.

What is the camp store charge account?

Flying Moose has a small store that sells batteries, T-shirts, tooth paste, soap, maps, bed sheets etc. to the campers. Rather than have him worry about having cash to buy these things as he need s them, he can charge them to his account. We will bill you for this at the end of the summer. $60-$70 is usually a sufficient amount for the full time camper. A two week camper would probably need about $30- $40 unless he plans on buying sheets or more than one T-shirt.

What time is pick-up at the end of the session?

We will have your son ready to go in the morning of his last day. It is best if you can come then because we have to get his bunk ready for the new camper who is coming the same day.