A Typical Day at Base Camp

Hand-cranked ice cream is a popular Sunday dessert

When the trips return to base camp on Fridays, there's a sense of excitement as adventures and stories are swapped. Over the weekend, they'll rest up from their previous trip and start to prepare for their next one. Because of this split between trips and base camp, please understand this: there is no typical day at camp.

That said, camp keeps time by the kitchen bell. It wakes us up, calls us to meals and activities, and marks the time periods in some of our woods games.

Although there are plenty of activities scheduled throughout the day, Flying Moose is not an overly-regimented camp. Campers have opportunities and time to work on their own projects, play pickup games (from ping pong to basketball to chess), and read the latest popular fiction (or required summer reading for school). A weekend day is generally based on this sort of schedule: 

Relaxing in front of one the Adirondeck-style shelters

7am - wake up bell
7:02 - Morning Dip (an elective quick morning plunge into the lake)
7:15 - Breakfast Squad (prepares the dining room for breakfast)
7:30 - Breakfast
8:00 - Shelter inspection
10:00 - Camping skills instruction and practice
11:15 - General swim
12:15 - Lunch squad
12:30 - Lunch
1:15 - Quiet time (for summer reading, writing letters, etc.)
2:00 - Brown and White game (canoe games, woods games)
4:00 - General swim
5:15 - Supper squad
5:30 - Supper
6:00 - Free Time
7:30 - Campfire
9pm - "All quiet ... Lights Out!" (bed)

On Sunday after breakfast, Ice Cream squad cranks the Lunch dessert, then we head to our Sunday Service — a quiet non-denominational time of group reflection in the woods on the shores of Craig Pond. Then a swim and lunch, and we're back on schedule — roughly.

"Opera Night" releases campers' inner stars

Sunday after lunch we often set out to a local place of interest (Bucksport's Fort Knox, local mountains not climbed on the regular trips, the U.S. Fish Hatchery, etc.)

Monday afternoons we go over maps and pack for that week's trips.

Monday evening, instead of campfire, we set the stage for FML's own "Opera Night" performed on the Lodge porch with each trip treating us to an original skit (complete with awards for the best skit, actor, "actress", special effects, song, impersonations, etc).

Tuesday morning, soon after breakfast, your small group is packed into vans and depart to their drop off points. Some trips leave on foot or by canoe.

Wednesday through Friday are fairly quiet with no campers around. The birds and squirrels and woods themselves probably appreciate the time to rest.

Then Friday afternoon the trips return and the cycle repeats. Get into the swing of things!