What are trips like?

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Every trip is different. Some are all canoeing -- paddling each day to another campsite down a river or across a lake. Some are all hiking or backpacking. Fishing trips may go to a lake or pond and spend most of their waking hours fishing for that one that won't get away. "Moving Trips" hike or canoe to another tent site each day. "Stationary Trips" use the same campsite and take day hikes. And we have trips that do both or all three; paddle to a campsite, hike the next day to the near by mountains, fish in the early morning and after supper, and the next day paddle around the lake, swim at a beach, and lunch on an island.

Basic schedule:

Tuesday morning you leave camp with your group, food, tents and other gear, hike or paddle to the campsite, set up for the night, gather fire wood, swim or do a short hike, and return to eat a meal cooked over the fire (see trip food menu).

The next day you get up and help with breakfast. After cleaning up you're off to another campsite, or an excursion to that mountain that's covered with native blueberries (a great addition to the next day's pancakes!), or off to complete that 12-mile hike over a 6 or 7 mountain circuit that brings you back to the campsite for a hot meal you'll prepare.

Allagash 2004

Thursday is somewhat like Wednesday with more hiking and mountain conquests, more paddling, fishing and swimming.

On Friday morning there's time for a short hike or paddle to the pick up place where the camp vans will meet you to take you back to Flying Moose. Back at camp you'll put your gear away, gather your clean laundry, take a long awaited bath, and meet up with your friends and shelter mates. After supper you'll get your mail from home and have time to finish the article for the camp newspaper about your trip.

That's a very simplified version of what happens on trips.

One thing you'll soon realize is you'll not really need your watch. On trips we tend to get up with the sun, hike until we're hungry and are usually ready for bed when the sun goes down. Making the best of the day light hours is rewarding and satisfying.