The "in camp" menu

While in camp on weekends, we have a chef who produces the daily meals for the 70 or so hungry Moosers. He prepares three meals a day with the help of his cookee and the "vegetable squad" who helps by peeling potatoes and carrots. He takes care to fix meatless meals for those requesting a vegetarian diet. Some examples of our weekend menu are:


Fruit juice
Hot or cold cereal with bananas
Eggs, home fries, homemade muffins or biscuits, pancakes, or sausage and French toast


Homemade soup or chowder with crackers
Chicken burgers, hot dogs, hamburgers, egg & tuna sandwiches, sub sandwiches, make your own sandwiches ,grilled cheese sandwiches and of course PB & J
Cookies, fresh fruit, FML made ice cream (Sundays) or brownies


Meatloaf, lasagna, pizza, Shepard's pie, turkey pie, Turkey ala King, BBQ chicken, or American chop-suey to name a few favorites
Vegetable, potato or rice and always a tossed salad
Cakes, pies, brownies, watermelon, cup cakes, bars and special attention to camper and staff Birthday Cakes