What is food like on trips?

Reflector-oven brownies

Trip food is a sample of tasty and nourishing meals that campers cook under the watchful eye of the counselors. Breakfast and supper are usually cooked at the campsite by one or two of the campers. The breakfast menu always has two courses: the first is cereal (hot or cold), and the second may be eggs with homefries or pancakes, French toast or granola/fruit bars.

Lunch is nearly always a quick meal eaten while out hiking or canoeing. Peanut butter and jelly is our staple, with tuna fish, chicken salad, or egg salad rotated in. And we always offer fruit if desired.

Supper is a three-course meal prepared at the campsite. Soup is always cooked and served first. The main entrées are usually trail-tested Flying Moose variations of chili, spaghetti, beans and rice, couscous and vegetables, our own version of mac & cheese, tuna gum boogie, and a few others. New meals are in development all the time. Longer hiking trips eat easier-to-carry freeze-dried type meals, with occasional specialties like fry pan pizza. Dessert, a delicacy on trips, is baked in either a reflector oven or Dutch oven — pies, cakes, sticky buns or muffins. Fruit is also available.

The weekly trip menus vary, so trips don't always eat the same thing. The backpacking trips, of course, have to carry everything so their menu is made up of more lightweight items, and the bulkier baked goods give way to GORP. Sign up for a summer of great food and adventure!