Base camp activities

Flying Moose Lodge has so much more to offer than camping. Here's just a partial list of things we do when not on one of our many trips.

Swim time

Swimming: We are on a crystal clear spring-fed pond. Unless it's really cold, we have three swimming times each day; before breakfast, before lunch, and before dinner. On very hot days we'll even swim after supper — before campfire. You don't have to go swimming every time, or even every day.

Building Canoes: We use canoes on trips and in camp. Each summer in camp we try and build a new wood and canvas canoe, or rebuild older ones in need of repair. You can help!

Fishing: You can fish off the canoe dock, or from a rowboat or canoe. Our lake boasts landlocked salmon, trout, and sunfish. We also send trips to nearby lakes that offer more fish: bass, pickerel, pike, and others!

Woodworking lesson

Woodworking: In the Caboose (our woodshop), besides building camp canoes, we have many tools you can use to create your own projects.

Rowing: We have two row boats you can use to fish, practice your rowing skills, or "just get out." If you pass a few tests with a counselor, you can take a boat out by yourself.

Sailing: We have two Sunfish sailboats available for windy days. Again, after a few tests, you can use the boats by yourself. A few hours in our O'Day Daysailer is a very popular activity on those days with a good breeze.

Camping Skills: On weekends we take some time to learn and practice camping techniques like axing, fire building, compass and map reading, nature hikes or canoe skills. Sometimes we go to a nearby tidal rip and practice whitewater canoeing techniques.

Down-time: We also build in all-important down-time — time to read and write journals and that all so important letter home or to Grandma and Granddad.

Shopping: Sorry, we don't focus on the consumer arts, but our camp store does offers camping neccessities like soap, bug dope, toothpaste, batteries, and an original FML T-Shirt. The store is open for candy about twice a week — one bar limit!

The Mark of the Moose and Maple is our self-paced and self-motivated skills testing program. As you gain skills, knowledge, and confidence in camp-craft, nature, knots, cooking, canoeing, axing, swimming and first-aid, you can choose to receive awards for your achievements.

Canoe rendezvous

Free time is a great time to grab a counselor and identify five evergreens, tie a square knot, or name the parts of a canoe or row boat. The further you progress, the more difficult and challenging the tests become. As you level up, you'll prove you can do things like cook an entire meal for six on a trip, build a rustic (but sturdy) piece of furniture, plan and complete a new trail for camp use, or develop a new campsite for future camping trips.


Games: What would camp be without games? We have two teams based on our camp colors, the Browns and the Whites. Over the past 90-some years, our games lab has researched, developed, and perfected many games. For example, instead of playing Capture the Flag on a boring field, we play Woodpile in the forest. We balance woods games with water games: swimming races, zombie-pirate canoe games, dead fish polo, and many different canoe games and races.

There are other (non Brown & White) games like soccer, frisbee baseball and golf, whiffle ball, scavenger hunts, box hockey, horse-shoes, hacky-sack, table tennis, corn-hole toss, slack-lining, and extreme tetherball (you've never played it like we do).

We also have plenty of board and card games for quieter (or rainier) moments indoors and out. Intense and casual games of chess, Risk, cribbage, and others are broken out daily. 

Campfire songs

After supper there's an hour to relax before campfire. It's the perfect ampunt of time to take a canoe out on the lake by yourself, or with a friend or counselor. As you learn, you may paddle in larger areas the lake. It's also a great time to write that letter home, or warm up your musical instrument to accompany the singing at campfire. If enough are interested, there might be a game of volleyball or basketball.

There is so much to do, and it's hard to do all of it! Get Started Now!