Camper information

A Woods Camp for Boys

The lodge, built in the late 1800s

We are located in East Orland, Maine on the shores of spring-fed Craig Pond, half way between Bangor and Bar Harbor. Flying Moose is a small boys' camp with a deep-woods trip program. Since 1921, hundreds of boys between the ages of 9 and 15 have found at Flying Moose the fun, relaxation, challenge, and companionship that spells the difference between just another summer and a long-remembered adventure. 

Our Program at a Glance

The art and pragmatics of teaching the fundamentals of true deep woods...

A Typical Day at Base Camp

Relaxing in front of one the Adirondeck-style shelters

When the trips return to base camp on Fridays, there's a sense of excitement as adventures and stories are swapped. Over the weekend, they'll rest up from their previous trip and start to prepare for their next one. Because of this split between trips and base camp, please understand this: there is no typical day at camp.

That said, camp keeps time by the kitchen bell. It wakes us up, calls us to meals and activities, and marks the time periods in some of our woods games.

Although there are plenty of activities scheduled throughout the day, Flying...

What is food like on trips?

Reflector-oven brownies

Trip food is a sample of tasty and nourishing meals that campers cook under the watchful eye of the counselors. Breakfast and supper are usually cooked at the campsite by one or two of the campers. The breakfast menu always has two courses: the first is cereal (hot or cold), and the second may be eggs with homefries or pancakes, French toast or granola/fruit bars.

Lunch is nearly always a quick meal eaten while out hiking or canoeing. Peanut butter and jelly is our staple, with tuna fish, chicken salad, or egg salad rotated in. And we...

The trips we take

With nearly 100 summers of group camping experiences throughout the wilder portions of Maine, we've seen it all. Over the decades, many trips have been developed and enjoyed by the many campers and staff of Flying Moose Lodge. Some have gone by the wayside due to population growth and campsite availability, but many of the best have been kept. And we are constantly on the lookout for newly-opened opportunities to turn into challenging trips for our campers. Join the adventure!


What NOT to bring

Flying Moose Lodge is a woods camp, a trip camp, and a wilderness camp. There are certain things you will need to bring to camp (see the packing list and summer info).

Because we're in the woods and somewhat isolated from the hustle and bustle of the "outside" world we believe the electronics we're used to at home and school can be left at home. We want you to enjoy being surrounded by nature without these items.

Please do not bring:

  1. mobile phones or tablets
  2. video game systems
  3. portable music players
  4. televisions or radios
  5. ...

Base camp activities

Woodworking lesson

Flying Moose Lodge has so much more to offer than camping. Here's just a partial list of things we do when not on one of our many trips.

Swimming: We are on a crystal clear spring-fed pond. Unless it's really cold, we have three swimming times each day; before breakfast, before lunch, and before dinner. On very hot days we'll even swim after supper — before campfire. You don't have to go swimming every time, or even every day.

Building Canoes: We use canoes on trips and in camp. Each...