The Quaker Connection

The founders of Flying Moose Lodge in 1921 were both Quakers and taught at Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia. The following directors have all be members of the Society of Friends. At Flying Moose, we don't stress religion, but we do try and follow many of the Quaker values like honesty, simplicity, friendships and appreciating the good in everyone.

We are open to boys of any faith.

On Sundays we spend about thirty to forty-five minutes in a very peaceful clearing in the woods on the shore of Craig Pond in a Quaker Meeting-like gathering, to listen to a short story, poem or thought by one of the camp community. Anyone is permitted to speak or share a thought. Much of this time is spent in silence that allows all of us to listen to the wind, the birds and the water lapping the granite shore line. It is a perfect time for peaceful thinking and reflection.

Many boys will take their parents to this place when they visit or the pick-up at the end of the summer. Many old campers who come back will take the path through the woods to see the Sunday Service clearing once again.