Our Philosophy

At Flying Moose Lodge, our mission is to provide a fun summer experience for boys that will lead directly to increased maturity, responsibility, sense of self and accomplishment, and an appreciation of nature. Our camp philosophy centers on these ideas:

  • at camp a boy actually lives in the woods and enjoys taking care of himself
  • campers and staff live as a group and share the common life, in line with the Quaker value of simple and truthful living
  • the summer provides new and refreshing experiences that NO OTHER vacation can give — experiences that will live long after school days
  • camp provides safe and exciting deep woods experiences in camping, canoeing, and backpacking
  • FML models and instills careful and thoughtful enjoyment and stewardship of natural surroundings and resources.


Social Ideals of Quakerism

The camp was founded by two Quaker schoolteachers, and continues today to be owned and directed by the Prices, a long-time Quaker family. While our program is not based on a set of religious tenets, our program does incorporate the Quaker values of:

  • simplicity in living
  • community equality
  • peace(fulness)
  • recognition of the individual spirit
  • opportunity for quiet reflection


Everything we do, from our campus to our trip program, is based on the respect and enjoyment of living in nature. In a technology-driven world, "getting back to nature" seems to be, sadly, an opportunity lost to many children.

Many of our trips take our campers to remote and wilderness areas. While on these trips, boys learn and hone the necessary skills and attitudes to live in the woods under many conditions. They also learn the etiquette of camping and the proper respect for the natural world.


By working with others in small groups on camping trips, boys will develop cooperative skills that will carry over to daily living — for the rest of their lives. While independence, self-motivation and individual maturity is gained at FML, the campers depend on the group for successful completion of tasks (i.e. cooking) on trips, and at base camp. This way, trusted and successful relationships are formed — camaraderie.


  • provide a safe environment while encouraging personal growth through camping experiences and adventures
  • enlist skillful and caring staff
  • offer opportunities for learning not offered at home or school
  • achieve a healthy return rate of campers and staff
  • continue to develop and adapt without losing sight of FML traditions and history
  • maintain a connection with as many present and past campers as possible


Our vision is to provide a summer camping experience for boys that does not require a specialized skill or ability in order to attend. Flying Moose Lodge has always been, and will continue to be, a place where boys of very different abilities come together for a unique shared experience. Many of these boys would not otherwise be in the same group — we've had gifted athletes, scholars, musicians, you name it — who learn to appreciate what each has to offer in our woods camp setting.

We would love to welcome your son into the family that is Flying Moose!